How to Contact Facebook Support – Facebook Help Center

How to Contact Facebook Support

On this how to contact Facebook support, I’m going to show you few ways through which you can reach the Facebook help center and support team.

There are so many reasons you may want to contact Facebook, and for whatever reason, the following tips below will guide you through reaching Facebook and getting your issues resolved.

How to Contact Facebook Support Using The Report Problem Feature

1. Click the question mark on the top right corner of your Facebook home screen.

2. Select the “Report a Problem” from the list of drop down menu.

3. From there pops up a dialog box which allows you proceed to reporting the issue you are having from any of the following categories;

  • General Feedback
  • Payment issues
  • Something Isn’t Working
  • Abusive Content

4. Once you have selected a given category of issue, follow the on-screen directions to make a report to Facebook support center.

How to Contact Facebook Support To Give Feedback

This section explains how you can contact Facebook to give feedback to Facebook on any of their features. And to do this, simply follow the guide below

N|B: You may not get a response from Facebook directly, since this is not actually for technical support, but suggestion

1. Go to Facebook feedback page section here

2. From the list of options, select the feature you may want to discuss with Facebook.

3. Write out your feedback in the text box below the drop-down menu.

4. When you’re ready to submit the form, select Send.

How to Contact Facebook Support Directly Using Facebook Message

Facebook seems not to have a call-in tech support service r email address, but still, you can send Facebook a messages directly using their own Facebook’s Facebook page.

To do this, simply search for Facebook’s Facebook page, then select “Send Message” on the right side of the page to start a chat.

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