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An updated post on How To Delete My Facebook Page right away: Creating a page on Facebook is one easy thing to do, managing the page and making your efforts is another thing which is a bit difficult and time-consuming. Personally, In my experience of having created more than 15 Facebook pages since I started using the Facebook social networking platform. I have deleted about four of the pages because I lost focus as well as lost hope in it.

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Today, I am going to show you the steps I took to erase and close my four energy-draining Facebook page via a step by step process.

Let’s get started!

Deleting Facebook page(s) from my experience is very straight-forward, not complex at all. So, don’t worry!

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I want to delete my Facebook Page Right Now?

Yeah, let’s head over to how to completely remove your FB page ASAP.

Note: Before attempting to delete a Facebook page, understand that you must be an admin first. If you are not an admin, it means you cannot delete that page.

If you’re the rightful owner (admin) of the page you seek to delete, simply follow the steps outlined below to remove the Facebook page.

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Steps to remove a page from Facebook

    1. Go to the page you want to delete
    2. Click Settings at the top of the FB Page
    3. From General, click Remove Page
    4. Click Delete [Page name] and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the deletion.

If you can’t see the option “Remove Page“, check to make certain that you are the page admin.

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