How to Prepare for JAMB And Gain Admission This Year

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Thinking about the best way to pass your JAMB UTME 2020, you have come to the right place as we will discuss the best ways to prepare for this year’s Jamb.

To succeed in anything, one must be conscious of what one is doing. This shows that preparation for anything has to be two-fold, as you prepare yourself by reading, you must also prepare your mindset. Although success depends largely on hard work, you need to plan how you work hard, as that will lead to working smart.

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As much as I would love to continue the introductory talk to prepare your mindset for the exam ahead, I will not want to bore you out and will go straight to the point of discussion, the secret to secure admission this year! We know that starts with a very good JAMB score. So read on.

To start with, Prepare ahead of time. Been organized is a major step, and time management is a critical step towards exam success. People tend to raise an alarm of how fast exam days are reached, forgetting that if they’ve planned properly, they would have been prepared to a certain extent. Although we all get a bit nervous about an important examination, that does not imply we should fall apart and fail to prepare. I will illustrate a simple approach to prepare ahead of time below.

To start with, considering the interval before the exam, make a timetable that includes all your subjects. This timetable should be planned in such a way that subjects you find difficult must be prioritized and given enough time to learn, however, the times should be a bit proportionate because as you focus on your weakness, you need to keep your strength as that is your focal point.  So use your JAMB syllabus to make sure that you have covered everything and be sure to reserve in your timetable at least two weeks before the exam; this is for your revision.

Another critical point people often miss out is the JAMB registration. Ensure you do this by yourself, If Possible: According to JAMB, “REGISTRATION FOR THE UNIFIED TERTIARY MATRICULATION EXAM (UTME) IS ONLINE (VIA THE INTERNET), AND ALL JAMB APPLICANTS ARE ADVISED TO DO THE REGISTRATION BY THEMSELVES.”

I will recommend that you make yourself available at the CBT center during registration for the UTM Examination. This will help to get familiarized with the use of the computer system and will go a long way in helping the candidate’s exposure.


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The bitter truth is that some people in this modern world, especially Nigerians, still mistake the “desktop monitor” for a computer system, and of course, some are out there who get seriously anxious and frightened when they handle the mouse.

With the registration pattern these days, every JAMBites should have at least a personal email address they operate by themselves. If you don’t, ask your friends or classmate to teach you how to get one. Go to the Cyber café with your friends and create an email address, or if you own an internet-enabled phone, you can also do it on such a device. This will help you along the line.


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Thoroughly Go through the JAMB BrochureThis is a critical and important aspect of your preparation, you must go through the brochure provided by Jamb. This contains instructions and will certainly serve as a guide on the examination you are to sit for.

Make Use of Past Question Papers: Past questions are an important aspect of any preparation. You must get hold of and study regularly past JAMB exams question papers to get a feel of what’s required, see the flow of the questions, check how you are faring in your preparation. So if you currently don’t have past questions, ensure you get one, and start practicing, it is another important part of your preparation.

Minimize The Use of Social networks: Social media platforms are a form of distraction, and you must reduce the time spent on them or simply abandon those platforms as you prepare for your exam. Although the saying “all work and no play, makes Jack a dull fellow” works fine, you must properly plan your time and schedule because coming out of the exam in flying colors is the goal.

Social media are a thief of time, and time is of high priority in your quest for a good JAMB Grade.

Adhere to instructions: On the day of the examination, carefully read the instructions on your computer all the way through and make sure that you know what you have to do before you start. Don’t rely on the instructions you are used to from the past questions, this is the real exam and instructions may differ, so take your time and study the instructions properly.

So when you are ready to start, read each question more than once to make sure it does say what you think it says. If you encounter any difficulty with your computer, call the attention of the CBT center operator or the JAMB supervisor. Don’t be shy or quiet; time is not on your side.

Don’t Hope on “Runs”: Examination malpractice is a major problem facing Nigeria’s Education system. This has eaten deep into all sectors, and you must no hope or depend on examination malpractice to pass JAMB. It is evident that some people go scot-free after involving themselves in examination malpractice, but this should not encourage people to settle for “runs.” These days, more and more JAMBites are tempted to join the cheating game. This may sound as an option for you, but apart from the fact that it is not good for your preparation, you must consider that you can be duped.

With God All Things are Possible: Always put God first in everything you are doing, so don’t leave out the God and prayer factor even at the end of the exam. Also, don’t trouble yourself trying to verify the correctness of the answers you supplied during the exam as it will do you no good.

Recommendations: I will give a brief recommendation based on my experience over the years.

The Use of English is the only subject that is compulsory for every candidate that writes JAMB, and a good performance in the Use of English will surely influence one’s overall score. Therefore, make sure you read the recommended books in the brochure as questions will be asked from it.

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I hope this article was helpful? Well, I hope to update it in the future as more and more suggestions come in. So if you have any contribution, kindly inform us using the comment section below.

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