How to succeed in JAMB

How to succeed in JAMB

As it is, gaining admission into any tertiary institution in Nigeria means that you must-pass the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), and with this post “how to pass JAMB UTME 2021“, I’m going to be taking you through proven tips and tricks to smash this one.

The UTME form is OUT and candidates are getting ready to register, and the examination date is fast approaching for JAMB 2021.
To some persons, it seems as if it is an insurmountable task while, to some, it’s just a walkover. Nevertheless, persons in both categories still search for more tips and tricks on howto enhance their potential possibilities of having a 300+ excessive rating within the JAMB UTME 2021. Verily I say unto you, “fear not!” Search no more, for your worries are over!
Here are some steps to take if you are willing and ready to pass your 2021 JAMB UTME with flying colors;


1. Get set, prepare and prepare

A critical key to success is self-confidence. An vital key to self-confidence is preparation. Put together your thoughts, clear each storm of distraction off your head, pray, take a deep breath, and chill out. Now, let your mind-set be likened to that of a winner.
Set targets on the marks you aspire to get in each subject, considering your strengths and weaknesses. Commence efficient work concerning your set goals. Early preparation brings about outstanding results, but either way, it’s not too late to get started. Procrastination, they rightly say, is the thief of TIME and remember PROPER PREPARATION PREVENTS POOR PERFORMANCE. Get set now!

2. Gather quality textbooks and clear and concise materials

Invest now, enjoy later. Fending for quality in the place of quantity gives you an edge over others and makes you a qualifier in any field. Know the JAMB UTME 2021 syllabus, Subject Combination, and acquire textbooks that comply with it. JAMB also recommends certain texts, try your possible best to get them.
But textbooks are not the only things required for finding out. Get a top quality pocket book, jotter, calculator (non-compulsory), and different important stationery. Your textbooks have to be complete sufficient and self-explanatory, together with illustrations, and what have you ever? Bear in mind, goal for high quality!

3. Plan your recreation

The JAMB UTME 2021 is a really essential examination. Due to this fact, finding out for it must be with none speck or particle of frivolity and clear of all levels of unseriousness!Structuring out a plan is thereby needful. What do you make plans for? What to learn, when to learn, and the place to learn. These all need to be integrated into what I call a ‘Study Guide.’
Personally, I can’t comprehend subjects that have to do with numbers without listening to music or any form noise being heard, whereas other subjects have to be studied in a much quieter environment. We know ourselves, and if you are yet to, receive knowledge of yourself now! Set up a study guide bearing the knowledge of yourself in mind.

4. Study hard and enjoy your game

Yes! Now the ‘Study Guide’ has been structured. It’s now time for application.Finding out is an act of studying rigorously with an intent to recollect, so, this isn’t like studying all these broadcast messages you retain seeing on social media. Set your research targets and aims; they might assist strengthen and function a reminder if you’re getting fatigued.
Additionally, get your jotter stand by, jot down important factors don’t assume it’s already up there. Make sure you totally perceive. Function your personal trainer, make good use of mnemonics as reminders, now we’re on the enjoyable half. Don’t over exert your mind, take a break when it’s getting boring, take a cool drink, surf the net, play a recreation, or simply take a stroll. Then, get again to your books and luxuriate in the true recreation.

5. Improve your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses

Friend, it’s high time we stopped deceiving ourselves, we know what we know and what we don’t. Stop skipping those topics because they seem puzzling, stop spending fewer hours on subjects that pose fathomless. As it gives you a tough time, try twice as much to disintegrate it.
There’s no restrict to studying, and no information they are saying is misplaced. Due to this fact, you recognize you’re a ‘arithmetic guru,’ or you’re so good at any subject, try your very best to even out those rough edges and render the little cracks, dot your I’s and cross your T’s so that you come out suave and clear.

6. Make Good Use Of Previous Questions

In your current state, search the previous, purchase data and, bam! You’re set for an enviable future. Should you’ve by no means skimmed by way of any previous query, I inform you, you aren’t ready in any respect. Now, in the event you’ve skimmed by way of with out finding out and attempting the questions truth is, you’re still lagging behind.
When I say ‘studying,’I imply understanding the ethics behind JAMB’s methodology of questioning, fixing, paying attention to the corrections, and stating the recurrent questions. I’d advise that you cover at least eight previous years of past questions in each of your subjects.

7. Connect with Like-Minds

The company you’re keeping determines what accompanies you. All through your preparation for UTME, try to sieve out and cut of all ties with everyone who’s adding no value to your academic pursuit.
To pass JAMB UTME 2020, you need to get into an affiliation of ‘Jambites’ having the identical aim as you do, particularly the identical topics, and ensure they aren’t dummies except you’re prepared to assist however assist your self first. Search recommendation from those that scaled UTME by with excellent outcomes.

8. Get acquainted with CBT

Just as 3years before, UTME 2021 will purely be a ‘Computer Based Test’ (CBT), I urge you to make tangible efforts in familiarizing your self with the CBT environment. Whether or not you’re a pc literate or not, there’s nothing to fret about cos JAMB has made it simple sufficient to be understood.
Typing your Registration quantity on the keyboard is as simple as texting on WhatsApp. What’s left is making use of the mouse’s left button to tick your solutions.
Furthermore, there is JAMB CBT Software that you can practice. I’ll recommend the ScholarsInfo JAMB CBT practice for both android and PC.
NB: Be positive the mouse is working correctly earlier than you fill in your reg quantity by navigating the cursor across the display screen. If it isn’t working, shortly beckon on the officers round for assist.

9. Keep up to date

By no means assume you understand what’s occurring, you don’t! We’re in an age the place info may be very important and vital. The JAMB officials can provide you with abrupt adjustments in dates. Keep up to date and by no means miss a bit!

10. Put God First

The information and hacks above on find out how to cross JAMB UTME 2020 won’t be doable when you neglect your prayers. Humorous how I put this as quantity 10, however when you’ve been following, you’d notice that ‘pray’ was mentioned in number one.
That suggests that prayer is a part of your preparation. The place of prayer can’t be overemphasized, your faith however. Thoughts you, not simply praying, however believing and striving for righteousness, which might assist improve your focus.
These sinful habits must cease, particularly throughout this era, all they do is; embezzle your time, now think about for those who make investments simply half the time you spend on these immoral acts in your books, see how a lot you purchase. What I’m saying, in essence, is, attempt to keep consecrated, so your coronary heart wishes grow to be granted — prayer with the right approach is the grasp key.
These ten suggestions are on the idea of three keys (P’s)
(i) Preparation (ii) Planning (iii) Pursuit
Bear these keys in thoughts, interact them, by no means allow them to fall off your left hand, and I guarantee your 300+ rating within the 12 months’s JAMB UTME 2019 unlocked.
These secrets and techniques recommendations on cross JAMB UTME 2020 will solely be attainable when you put in your finest.
Shun all frivolities and lackadaisical attitudes and smash this 2020 examination as soon as and for all.
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